Matt (theordinary) wrote,

Of rum, urine and blood...

A vision, a premonition... anyway, i saw him lying on the floor, face down, in front of the toilet with a crimson halo steadily growing around his head. 'I've got to go to the bathroom,' i said. And i found him just as i had seen him in my head, except that he was curled up fetal like and there was a puddle of pee mixing with the puddle of blood. i roused him to conciousness and tried to get him up, noting the huge gash above his left eye which was still pouring out blood. My knee was wet and warm and my hands and arms were covered in blood. i left him and found his wife and said, 'i'm gonna need some help.' He must have passed out from the alcohol and knocked his head on the counter while relieving himself. I slipped on the pee on my way back in, but we managed to get him up and to the bedroom for a change of clothes, a good many rags, some neosporin, a bandage and a bag of ice. After lying down for a few minutes he said, 'Where are we... this looks like my bedroom...' The mixture of pee and blood had formed a rusty orange (near rum coloured) swirl on the floor, but it was quickly mopped up and Mr. Florida was quickly put to bed... For 56, he's a tough guy... he eventually got up out of bed long enough to give me a hug... wearing only his underwear. We were all quite worried about him, but i'm sure he won't remember a thing tomorrow.
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